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Welcome to SNG Inc. We are a premier provider of Business Intelligence and Information Technology to our valued clients in corporate sectors. Our high value technology services include Enterprise-Wide Solutions & Implementation, Database Management Services, Internet/intranet, e-commerce Solutions, Software development, Application Development, and Systems Integration.

Our consulting service has connected the most advanced business organizations globally with qualified and outstanding IT professionals at all levels of expertise. We are committed to the upcoming market of the New Technological Era by efficiently providing with skilled service that attained us today's position in the Global IT recruiting process.

We have established lifelong career opportunities for our consultants that enables an IT professional to access into the most reputed companies as well as interactive personalized tools to make the process effective and convenient.

The most significant part of our performance in the IT/2000 industry is that we offer our valued employers a very cost effective and efficient recruiting solutions with featured profiles, resume screening, routing and searching. .

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